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If you are a former student of WISP and you need to receive a transcript of records, syllabi, a confirmation of studies, a certificate etc. please contact the WISP office. The request should be sent by e-mail from your student e-mail address. If you have problems with access to your student email account, please look here


If you are an employer/employment agency or any other third party looking to obtain study information regarding a former student, you will need to provide a hand signed letter of consent from the candidate (scanned electronic copies are accepted), authorising us to release their information to you. The consent should be emailed to: office@wisp.uw.edu.pl and must include the following information:

– Graduate’s full name

– Date of birth

– Course studied

– Dates course undertaken

Due to the applicable rules on the protection of personal data, the verification process and preparation of the confirmation document may take up to a month.