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Rector’s announcement on the terms and forms of applying for financial assistance in the academic year 2023/2024



Psychological Counselling Centre of the University of Warsaw provides confidential, free of charge short-term counselling and crisis intervention services as well as evaluation of needs for academic support (eg. exam accommodations, additional leave of absence to achieve your academic opportunities) for all students and employees of the University of Warsaw.

The Centre helps clients with various difficulties – for example:

  • learning and workplace issues,
  • interpersonal problems,
  • adaptation and acculturation processes,
  • effects of traumatic experiences,
  • symptoms of anxiety and mood disorders or sleep disturbances.

Video about the Psychological Counselling Centre at UW, 2018


A disabled student at UW is not ‘disabled’ in the first place. He/she is a student and as a student is bounded by the same requirements but also vested with the same rights. To guarantee persons with disabilities at the UW necessary forms of support and for the academic teachers working with students with disabilities – any organizational help, Rector of the University of Warsaw has invoked the Office for Persons with Disabilities in 2000.

The Office for Persons with Disabilities at University of Warsaw provides services for all students with disabilities in a formal meaning. The main reason and condition of receiving necessary aid is a link between disability and difficulties in the implementation of the program of studies. So, it means that the fact of being disabled is not enough to obtain any benefits from the University of Warsaw.

The services are also dedicated to persons without formal certificate of disability, if they are chronically ill or temporary disabled who – due to their health conditions – are not able to follow the standard schedule of their studies. Such persons are recognized as entitled to use the services of OPD and can be given such services and adjustments which let them study and/or continue their education.


If you feel you have noticed a problem that affects the academic community or your functioning in it, you should turn to the Ombudsman for assistance. The principles of confidentiality and informality guiding the activity of the Ombudsman guarantee that reporting a case will not have negative consequences for the reporting party.

The competences of the Ombudsman include:

  • Promoting high ethical standards and innovative methods of conflict resolution in the academic environment;
  • Providing assistance in the resolution of conflicts and reducing their negative effects;
  • Supporting individuals and organizational units in resolving problems arising in connection with the operation of the University;
  • Gathering and disseminating information regarding applicable university regulations and general rules of operation;
  • Identifying sources of problems which hinder the proper functioning of the University;
  • Briefing and advising the Rector in the area of necessary changes aimed at improving the operation of the University.


Legal Clinic UW is a free of charge Student Legal Aid Center established at the Faculty of Law and Administration. The legal advices are provided by the group of students at the end of their studies to anyone who needs it and is not able to pay for it. The students are supervised by professional lawyers.

The sections available at the legal clinic: medical, civil, criminal, labour law as well as international judicature and sections on inmates, refugees and harm reduction. The meeting can be scheduled in person by phone.

Collegium Iuridicum I, p. 102 Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28 00-927 Warszawa
tel./fax 22 55 24 318
tel. (+48) 22 55 20 811
e-mail: klinika@wpia.uw.edu.pl



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