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At the end of their third year of studies students choose the specialization they will complete in the two final years of their study. Students will have a guaranteed place on all the courses of their specialization. They are free to enroll for courses of other specializations too if places are available on these courses.

Students are required to complete at least 48 ECTS credits of specialization courses in order to graduate. These may be completed within one specialization but may also be from a mix of courses of different specializations. Students who complete at least 48 ECTS credits of the same specialization will receive a certificate of completion of that specialization upon graduation. If the 48 ECTS are not completed within one specialization students complete their studies having finished the so called general specialization.

The four specialization WISP offers are:

More detailed descriptions and an overview of the courses within each specialization can be found by clicking the specialization titles above.