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Our Alumni


What our Alumni wrote about WISP 


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‘Excellent program with a variety of courses of high quality. What I appreciate about WISP is the ability to study and be part of small group of students which allowed for better relationships with other students. It also made it easier to communicate with the teachers and have time to discuss and ask questions. I really recommend the practical courses, especially the one where we worked  under excellent supervision. I also appreciated courses with teachers from abroad and ability to take part in a course about cultural humility.‘


‘There is a good learning atmosphere, good location of the faculty. Great teachers and a good deal of practical exercises.’ 


‘WISP has a very diverse multi-cultural environment and I really admire and cherish that after my studies, I think I wouldn’t have gotten that at many other places. When arranged appropriately (not crammed into a too short period) classes with visiting professors were a great experience to get to know the teaching of various professors from different universities.’ 


‘The diverse culture is a big plus. The various professors from different countries allowed me to see how psychology is practiced in those countries. The smaller class sizes allowed for a more personal relationship with instructors and fellow students.’


‘International experience, international students give unique atmosphere and for me it was really opening and broadening horizons.’ 


‘I liked WISP and I really think it educated me well. I improved English, studied abroad and broadened my knowledge in many fields….’


‘WISP provides its students with an intimate environment that supports closeness and transparency. The small nature of the classes allows students and teachers to be on good terms and allows for ease of information shared.’


‘Very good quality professors, lots of support from the faculty, very international (students and profs), small classes, good atmosphere, reasonable tuition fee (compared to other faculties in EU).’


‘The program is unique and studying in a multicultural environment is very beneficial thing, Small group sizes are a big plus. There are a lot of courses on offer, and some lecturers are of a high standard…’


‘WISP gives a great possibility to develop & deepen one’s knowledge from the area of Psychology due to a wide variety of courses and the ability to attend lectures taught by foreign professors.’


‘The international and cultural exchange between teachers/professors and students was/is outstanding. I would not have been able to receive the same worldwide exchange in Sweden.’


‘Visiting professors can bring in a lot of information and a new perspective to the students. Also the size of WISP allows for a warm environment socially among students and teachers. Level of education offered is also very sufficient.’


‘The mix of people in terms of students and professors. The environment allows for a lot of cultural interactions. Being in Warsaw is a big plus since the city has a lot to offer.’