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  • According to the decision of prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, Rector of the University of Warsaw, October 3, 2022 is a day off from didactic classes except for Recruitment and Selection, Cross-cultural Neuropsychological Assessment and Group Dynamics. These 3 courses will take place on October 3 according to the schedule.
  • The minister’s scholarship – academic year 2022/2023, application deadline – October 12, 2022. More details here
  • On August 3, 2022 from 14:00 – 22:00 USOS and related applications (eg USOSweb, USOSadm Java, APD, EVA, Ankieter) will be updated to version 6.8.0. There may be interruptions in access to USOS and its applications during that time.
  • Applying for a dormitory place in the academic year 2022/2023. More info here
  • Office hours for the students during summer are available at Contact section
  • Detailed organization of registration for classes in the academic year 2022/2023 is available at Registering for courses section
  • The time for choosing an empirical paper tutor/masters supervisor stretches from 30.05.2022 to 30.09.2022. In order to sign up to a specific tutor’s group you need to attend tutor days which will be held between 30.05.2022 and 05.06.2022.
  • University-wide survey for students’ opinions about the studies, administration services, their attachment and commitment with the UW etc. More details here
  • The list of Empirical and Masters Tutors for the academic year 2022/2023 is available here
  • The office hours were updated last week, please check the details here




  • The payment deadline of the tuition fee is 1 September. The details are available in the payment section.
  • If you have all grades in usos and you do not take part in the retake exam session in September you need to link the courses to the stage and deliver the program for check-up. Relevant information is available on the WISP website, in the Rules & Regulations – Study progress and administration section. In case you have no retake exams, deadline is July 30th, in case you have retakes, the deadline is September 18th.
  • If your contact details (home or correspondence address, phone number etc.) have changed, do not forget to send them to the WISP office for updating in usos.
  • The deadline for payments for repeating courses in the spring semester 2021/2022 is March 21. Do not forget to make a transfer on time.
  • It’s time to extend your student ID for another six months (until October 31). If you have not done it so far, you need to visit the WISP office to get a new sticker.




  • Welcome Month for newcomers at the UW. Welcome Point offers a series of events to help new international students to familiarise with the academic environment of the UW. More info here
  • Onboarding to the UW: the ultimate UW STARTER KIT, look for the details
  • Become the face of the UW! Welcome Point is looking for students interested in taking part in photo shoot on location at the UW premises. More details here
  • IPLC – Intensive Polish Language Course for UW students 2022! More info here
  • The Faculty of Psychology Day will be held on Wednesday, June 8. More informtaion is available here
  • Advanced IT tools and communication methods in (not only) scientific work – summer school in English. Dates: 27 June – 8 July 2022.  More details here
  • The University of Warsaw Library invites students and PhD candidates to 2 training sessions online. One deals with electronic resources, the other with the Mendeley bibliography management tool. Both will take place on April 14th. More details here
  • The Faculty of Psychology is launching the Research Panel, which is a new opportunity to obtain ECTS as part of student internships. For now, the offer is addressed only to Polish-speaking students. More details are available here