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New online courses are available in the 4EU+ Alliance!

Six of the seven universities in the 4EU+ Alliance (the University of Warsaw, the University of Geneva, Charles University, Heidelberg University, the University of Milan, and Sorbonne University) will launch online courses for 4EU+ students in the spring/summer semesters of the 2022/2023 academic year.

New online courses are available at two of the seven universities that are part of the 4eu+ Alliance.

The University of Milan presents a wide range of courses. More than forty courses in various faculties, such as Globalization and Cultural Diversity, English Business Communication, Human Rights At Work in International and Comparative Law, EU Law on Business and Human Rights as well as European Labour Law. Depending on the faculty offering the course, the application deadline is 8th January, 10th February, or 17th March.

The University of Geneva offers a course: Critical thinking in the information age. Throughout this course, which includes videos, expert presentations, and various activities, you will learn about the phenomenon of misinformation, how it works, and how to counter it. You will analyze the cognitive mechanism of cognitive flexibility, and finally, you will learn concrete strategies to develop your informational vigilance. The application deadline for this course is 31st January.

Other members of the alliance: the University of Warsaw, Charles University, and Heidelberg University will soon also present their course offerings.

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