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Recruitment for the University of Warsaw Doctoral Schools 2022

Recruitment for the University of Warsaw Doctoral Schools 2022 is in progress. Registration is open from 10 May to 7 June 2022.

The programme of studies [LINK] at the Doctoral School of Social Sciences [LINK] is highly customized, adapted to the interests and research projects of the individual PhD students and conducted under the guidance of a selected supervisor or supervisiors. The duration of the programme is eight semesters. The PhD students complete compulsory general university classes, including academic teaching, classes referring to the broadly conceived scholar’s workshop in social sciences and methodological classes. The choice of the courses is not limited to those offered by the PhD student’s own discipline. PhD students may choose courses held by lecturers representing other related social sciences disciplines, if they consider it beneficial. For more information please follow the [LINK].

The school recruits in the following disciplines:

Economics and Finance – admission limit 13
Education – admission limit 5
Law – admission limit 25
Management and Quality Studies – admission limit 5
Political Science and Public Administration – admission limit 18
Psychology – admission limit 9
Security Studies – admission limit 4
Social and Economic Geography and Spatial Management – admission limit 5
Social Communication and Media Studies – admission limit 5
Sociology – admission limit 11


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